Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Piano Recital

On February third, I had a piano recital. My two songs were Sonatina and Minuet in G minor. Sonatina was written by Ludwig van Beethoven and Minuet was written by Anna Magdalena Bach. 

Photo by Echo (Heather's mom)
I didn't want to make a mistake, so I practiced at home like usual (except with my performance dress). Red is my favorite color. That's why I have a red dress. The red puffy dress was uncomfortable, but I had no other red dress that I liked. My shoes were black and I had white knee socks.

Video by Jeffery (Heather's dad)

Here is a video at the recital place. It was at a church and had all the elements that we need. As we all know, this is a piano recital so we obviously had a piano set up.

I hope you enjoyed the video and reading the captions!

Have you ever had any kind of recital?

What did you like about the video?

Do you think I made any mistake in the video?

Do you know any of these songs?