Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learn More About Me, Rocky

Hi! I am Rocky who is a three and a half years old dog and loves to play fetch. Blake is my middle name. My breed is a golden retriever mixed with a chow. That's why I have purple blotches on my tongue and short legs. I am a friendly dog that absolutely does not like water. My wish is for swimming pools to

Photo by Heather

As you know, all I can think of is fetching a nice green tennis ball. After a while, I do get a little tired so I rest on soft, green grass. When I do that, my ball is always covered with slobber. I usually play fetch outside in the front lawn because in the backyard, we have a pool. When I play fetch in the backyard, 
the ball is very likely to drop into the pool. I never go and try to get my ball back because I do NOT like water!

Photo by Heather

I love being in the backyard under a table because it is always shady there and is nice and cool. That's why you see a fancy shadow to left. 

Photo by Heather

Have you ever adopted a pet from the animal shelter?

If you have a dog, does it have lots of energy or does it just sleep all day?