Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learn More About Me, Rocky

Hi! I am Rocky who is a three and a half years old dog and loves to play fetch. Blake is my middle name. My breed is a golden retriever mixed with a chow. That's why I have purple blotches on my tongue and short legs. I am a friendly dog that absolutely does not like water. My wish is for swimming pools to

Photo by Heather

As you know, all I can think of is fetching a nice green tennis ball. After a while, I do get a little tired so I rest on soft, green grass. When I do that, my ball is always covered with slobber. I usually play fetch outside in the front lawn because in the backyard, we have a pool. When I play fetch in the backyard, 
the ball is very likely to drop into the pool. I never go and try to get my ball back because I do NOT like water!

Photo by Heather

I love being in the backyard under a table because it is always shady there and is nice and cool. That's why you see a fancy shadow to left. 

Photo by Heather

Have you ever adopted a pet from the animal shelter?

If you have a dog, does it have lots of energy or does it just sleep all day?


  1. Dear Heather,

    It is really nice to meet your dog. It sounds like you really love him, and he is lucky to have you as his owner. We also have a dog, Romeo, who hates water. Romeo is a miniature schnauzer who recently fell in the pool and was very unhappy about it. I don't think he will run so close to it next time. It was funny to see him swim out. If only humans can learn to swim so easily as dogs without even trying. I had always thought that golden retrievers liked to swim.

    What sort of activities do you like to do with Rocky?


    1. @ Victoria,

      Sometimes, for fun, we pull Rocky into the pool. After he is in the pool, he acts like he loves water and starts swimming around. Once, I was behind Rocky and my dad was in the swimming pool in front of Rocky. I gave Rocky a gentle push, and since Rocky was so close to the swimming pool, he fell right in with a plop!

      Golden retrievers adore water, but Rocky is a mix. His mix is a chow, and chows hate water. That is why Rocky doesn't like water. My cousin, Celina, has a golden retriever without any mix. She has a swimming pool, and her dog, Goldie, just waddles like a duck into the pool every chance she has. She walks on the bottom of the pool, with her muzzle just at the top of the water. Then, she slurps down water from the swimming pool! When we go visit her, we bring Rocky. We let him out in the backyard, and Celina lets Goldie out in the backyard to play with Rocky. Of course, Goldie jumps straight into the pool, and Rocky is left there on the edge of the pool.


  2. Dear Heather,

    I have four dogs named Mika, Cooper, Pokie, and Rory.

    Mika is very lazy and does not care if everybody is playing. Mika is also the mom of Pokie and Rory. Mika's nickname is Mickey.

    Cooper is the energetic guy. He likes to be scratched under his chin and on his belly. Another thing that he likes to do is to chase skunks. He has gotten sprayed many times because of this hobby. Cooper is the dad of Pokie and Rory. Cooper's nickname is Cooper the Pooper.

    Pokie is a little in the middle. She is lazy but she also has energy. She enjoys us petting her on her back. She is also the older sister of Rory. Pokie stands for Pocahontas.

    Rory is the most active of all. She really enjoys playing fetch and running up the hill. Her favorite place to be pet is her head. She loves it when you call her name when you are lonely. Rory stands for Aurora.

    What would your perfect dog be? Would you like to have more than one dog? Has Rocky ever been sprayed by a skunk?


    1. @ Keira,

      Rocky is a bit like Cooper. He likes to be scratched under his chin and on his belly. He does like to chase skunks and has been sprayed by a skunk about two times. Any smaller animal will attract attention to Rocky. Rocky is also a bit like Rory because he likes to play fetch.

      I like how you give nicknames to all of your dogs. Rocky's nickname is Boy. My favorite nickname is Cooper the Pooper because it is funny. Does all four dogs know their nicknames?


      Now I am going to give the computer to Rocky so your dogs can understand. Take it away, Rocky.

      Woof woof Arf,

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      Woof Woof