Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas for Another Year!

On Christmas Eve night, I had a hard time sleeping. I kept wondering what surprise present my mom gifted me, or if Santa would give me my wish or just a piece of pitch-black coal. My wonders finally disappeared into my dream, and I finally got hours of sleep. . . 

On Christmas day, I woke up at 7:30. I quickly dressed into my Christmas dress, and off I went to rip off the wrapping paper on my present. There were a manifold of presents, waiting for me to open them, so I had to decide, which present should I reveal first? I closed my eyes and spun around with my finger pointing one direction, and when I opened my eyes, I was pointing to the present that Santa gave me. I read the label, "To Heather - From Santa", and tore off the moose wrapping paper. There lay a mysterious brown box, and the folds had tape over them, so I had to get some scissors and cut them open.

Now, before I tell you what my present was, I want to compare my present from last year, and this year. Last year, my present was large, and this year, my present was even larger! I'll give you some hints: It has two wheels, you ride on it, and it is for outdoors. What could it be?

Last year's present size...

Photo by Echo (my mom)

This is the pogo stick that I got from Santa last year.

This year's present size. . .

Photo by Echo

What could this be that Santa gave me this year?

If you guessed a scooter, you were correct!
The scooter I asked for was a Red Razor 2.0 scooter with sparks, and when I checked on the box, Santa gave me the exact same thing! You might not know what a scooter with sparks is, but I bet you know what sparks are. Scooters with sparks means that there is a thing that you can push with your foot, and you can ride and rub it on the ground to create sparks. I never had a scooter that had sparks, so I am excited to try it out. 

Even though those aren't all of the presents I received, my scooter was the main one. If you want to see the rest of the presents I got, here they are:

What did you get for Christmas?

Is it what you asked for, or did Santa get confused with your present and someone else's?

Why did you get that present?

Do you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas?


  1. Dear Heather,

    Wow! What a great Christmas you had! You must have been a good little girl all year. Is that true?

    I have heard of scooters, and I have even been on one once. However, I have never heard of the sparks feature. I would imagine that the spark pedal would slow the scooter down like a brake. Am I correct?

    Buck got a big green chew toy for Christmas. It has pom poms on both ends, but is heavy plastic. He loves to run around with it. I got some holiday money to spend. I think I will try to purchase a new pair of books at the mall. My old pair is looking a little warn.

    My favorite part about Christmas is the music. My mom is a great piano player, and she knows a lot of carols. We always sit around her piano and drink egg nog and sing songs. Do you do any singing around the holidays? One of my favorites is Winter Wonderland.

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Hi Heather,

    What an exciting Christmas you had! I love how you described your morning. I could feel the excitement and you made me very curious. What could be in such a BIG box?

    I am so happy for you to have a Red Razor 2.0 scooter with sparks. My kids and I love to ride scooters here in Omaha, Nebraska in when the weather is nice in the spring, summer, and fall. We do not have one like you with sparks. That would sure make it fun to slow down and see sparks! We like to have scooter races up and down the sidewalk and also draw a track with chalk. Do you like to play with side walk chalk too?

    How fun to have a photo from last year AND this year. It is fun to see the comparison of box sizes from last year to this year!

    I had a wonderful Christmas! My favorite part is being with all the family. We went to the farm in eastern Iowa where my husbands parents live. They had 8 inches of snow! We spent a whole day snowmobiling. It is very fun! We tie a toboggan to the end of the snowmobile and pull all the kids (my kids and their cousins) all around the snowy corn and soybean fields. It is great fun in the winter here in the midwest. We love to have a white Christmas so we can play in the snow. We also make a snowman. We tried to make him look like Olaf from the movie frozen. Have you seen frozen?

    Great job with your blog post!

    Mrs. Feldmann
    Bellevue Public Schools
    Bellevue, NE

  3. Dear Heather
    I enjoyed reading your post with it's pattern of Christmas colours!
    With your present from Santa increasing in size over the past two years it will be exciting to see what awaits you next Christmas!

    This year we enjoyed Christmas lunch with lots of family, so we tried something new. Each lady had to buy one present suitable for a lady, and each man had to buy one present suitable for a man. Our 8 year-old niece got to hand out the presents, like a lucky dip, as the presents weren't labeled with names. My lucky dip present was a lovely beach bag and some coasters for my coffee table. We all had a lot of fun and laughs as the presents were unwrapped.
    The children at the lunch didn't miss out as they each received a Santa sack full of goodies.

    Do you think you would like your present to come as a lucky dip?

    warm regards
    Mrs McKenzie from B4, New Zealand

  4. Dear Heather,
    That’s cool what you got for Christmas. Last year I got one of those, but this year I don’t think Santa even checked my list. I ask for a 4 wheeler but I got something else it was a Cycocycle, a nutcracker, an Xbox 360, and a lot of other stuff. I think you got something cool. Have a happy New Year!
    Jacksonville, NC

    1. @ Sean,

      Wow! I think what you got was good! You must have been good all year. Is that true?

      I didn't name all of the presents I got for Christmas, but the things I got are: a box of chocolate and socks from my grandma and grandpa, THREE packs of Rainbow Loom elastic rubber bands from my mom, a wooden toy called a Kendama from my aunt and uncle, and obviously a Red Razor 2.0 Scooter with sparks. I think it is funny that Santa didn't even check you wish list. :-D

      I think that you are even more lucky to receive a Xbox 360. What games have you played on it?

      Happy new year,

    2. Dear Heather,
      I really don’t think I was good all year but if you say so. It cool that you got those loom bands over where I am everyone wants to make them. I don’t think I’m lucky to get an Xbox 360 because I got the really old one with the button. The games I have on it are Madden 25 and Skylanders Swap Force, and plus I have to share with my sister. Thank you for responding:-D
      Sincerely, Sean

    3. Dear Sean,

      I searched up the Xbox 360 on the Internet, and I found images of it. It looks interesting for me because I have never played on a Xbox of any kind. I did own a WII before, but we didn't have time to play so we returned it. Have you ever owned a WII?

      If you have to share with your sister, what gifts did she receive? Why didn't she get something so that you don't have to share?


    4. Dear Heather,
      Yes I have owned a Wii and I still have it but it is not hooked up because my Xbox is hooked up. It is not fair that I have to share with my sister. She got those bands, an art set, and a lot of other stuff. Someday I will respond back and tell you what she got.
      Sincerely, Sean

  5. Dear Heather,
    I had a wonderful Christmas like you did. I got the Nentendo3DSXL with a free game with it and the all new game Animal Crossing!! I also got a Remote Control Car too. I had a great Christmas like you did!!

  6. Dear Heather,
    It looks like you had a very good Christmas. I did too! I got the WiiU, some awesome clothes, and this cool belt. I don`t think Santa checked my list but I am still happy that I got gifts.
    Jacksonville NC

    1. @ Makari,

      I hope you had a Happy New Year!

      You are lucky that you got a WiiU because I used to have one when we were living in an apartment, but we returned it because we didn't have time to play. Last year, I got this really accurate watch, and I would wear it every where I went. Sadly, when I took it off, I lost it and I never saw it again. Have you ever lost a present that you really liked?

      Even thought Santa didn't check your list, what did you ask for?


  7. @ Heather
    I love scoters!
    Sean is in my class, oh, and I’m 8 too. You got some cool stuff.
    What I got was some new shoes, 6 boxes of chocolates, and some new bed sheets. Santa got confused from my list. I woke up at 7:00 AM, looked at my tree and there were lots and lots of gifts. Some were for me, some were for my 2 brothers, and some were for my sister .and I got a nerf gun that can shot 20 bullets at one time after another. When my sister, 2 brothers, and I had one present left we ate breakfast.
    We opened our last presents after breakfast. Then we went to the stockings. I got a duck call, it was cool. Also, I got a jacket and some pants and socks. I got deodorant and colon and some ps3 video games and some Vita games. I got a kindle fire HD, it was cool also. My Christmas was good, I liked it.