Monday, April 29, 2013

My Trip to the LA Zoo

Welcome back to Heather's Perfect Post! Over the weekends, I went to the LA Zoo. There were a lot of amazing animals at the LA Zoo. One of my favorites was the Meerkat because it has an interesting habitat. How could they live underground if their habitat is hard and stony.

Here is a video about some of the zoo animals. Hope you enjoy!

                                 Video by Heather 

What is your favorite animal(s) in the video?

Why do you like that animal?

How many times did you go to the LA Zoo?


  1. Dear Heather,

    What a wonderful trip to the zoo that must of been. My favorite animal is the tiger because in the picture it looks like the tiger is about to pounce on something. Was it? The stripes on the tiger remind me of the zebra only its fur is white with black stripes and the tiger is orange with black stripes. How could you tell that the baby giraffe was the baby giraffe? I have gone to the zoo so many times I can't even count.



    1. @ Bryce,

      Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking of! The tiger reminds me of the zebra. You are right that they are different colors (except the stripes). I like the zebra's snow white fur. What color of the fur do you like?

      It sure does look like the tiger is ready to pounce on something, but it actually is just walking away from the picture that I was trying to take. Luckily, I was able the take the picture from far away. Do you think I used the zoom?

      To figure out if the giraffe was a baby or not, I used drawing conclusion. The first hint was that it was smaller than the mom or dad. Second, the spots were different like a young giraffe should be. Using those clues, I figured out that it was a young giraffe (also known as a calf).

      I haven't been to the zoo much, but I remember LOTS about it.

      How often do you go to the zoo?

      Do you like the LA Zoo more or some other zoo?


  2. Dear Heather,

    What a wonderful trip you had to the zoo, and I really enjoyed your video. When my children were younger, I used to take them to the L.A. Zoo once a week over a couple of years. We knew every corner of that zoo, and enjoyed going to see the baby animals grow. At the end of our day, I would buy the kids a pack of baked sugar covered almonds. They are delicious! We don't go as often anymore, but we still visit at least once a year.

    My favorite animal at the zoo is the Orangutang. There always seems to be at least one baby in the bunch. Did you get to visit that animal? I agree with you that the meerkats are also very cute. I really like how active they are.

    What other zoos have you visited?