Friday, May 24, 2013

Superior Strawberries!

When my mom went shopping, she picked some pure ripe strawberries. Then, she went home and opened the box and noticed something very surprising! She called me and I rushed down the hall rapidly into the kitchen. there were many little strawberries, but only two that my mom was holding were gigantic strawberries! I dashed to get my camera and took a picture.

Here I am holding my gigantic strawberries:

Right after I took a picture, I quickly ate them. Because they were so juicy and sweet, they almost tasted like a hot-fudge sundae with marshmallows floating on top. I was very disappointed that the strawberries were gone. 

Did you ever see something unusual?

Have you ever seen any fruit astonishing because it was so big?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dodgers Day

Over the weekend, I went to the Dodgers Stadium. This time the Dodgers were against the Wisconsin Brewers. There was a parade and you could join if you wore a baseball jersey. I wore my brother's Cardinals jersey because I really wanted to join. I didn't chose my brother's White Sox, Hooks, Padres, and all the others because the Cardinals jersey was a bright red and was different than the rest. Instead of a t-shirt, it was a vest. You definitely have to wear a shirt because there are holes in the vest. Look carefully and you will see little tiny holes.

Here I am sitting at one of the seats. Behind the seat is a cup holder. If you were sitting and you look down, you will see your cup holder that you can put anything you want inside (as long as it doesn't fall down because there are holes at the bottom of the cup holder).

Here is my brother, Aaron. The LA Dodger helmet that my brother is wearing is actually plastic and does no protection in any kind (except for sun). They were giving it to every kid even if you didn't go to the parade. His real team is the White Sox. I think it is kind of weird that the t-shirt is black if they are the White Sox. Don't you think so?

I enjoyed eating snacks while watching the game. So far the Dodgers were winning two to zero. The Dodgers players are the one with the white jersey.

We left a little earlier to avoid traffic and the Dodgers were still winning two to zero. 

I had lots of fun and loved to be part of a team!

Have you ever been to Dodgers Day?

If you have, what souvenir did you receive? 

If you haven't, would you want to go?