Friday, May 24, 2013

Superior Strawberries!

When my mom went shopping, she picked some pure ripe strawberries. Then, she went home and opened the box and noticed something very surprising! She called me and I rushed down the hall rapidly into the kitchen. there were many little strawberries, but only two that my mom was holding were gigantic strawberries! I dashed to get my camera and took a picture.

Here I am holding my gigantic strawberries:

Right after I took a picture, I quickly ate them. Because they were so juicy and sweet, they almost tasted like a hot-fudge sundae with marshmallows floating on top. I was very disappointed that the strawberries were gone. 

Did you ever see something unusual?

Have you ever seen any fruit astonishing because it was so big?


  1. Hello Heather,

    While I have sometimes found very large strawberries, it looks like you have discovered strawAPPLES rather than berries. They are huge. :)

    I sometimes use flash to take photos but it can make photo colors look a little washed out. In your photo, the strawberries look good. If you hadn't used the flash we probably wouldn't have been able to see the seeds on the fruit.

    Have I ever done something foolish?
    Through all lives there are most likely things we would do differently had we had the chance but making mistakes are as much a part of life as getting it right. If we learn from our mistakes, we can become better people whether we at first looked foolish.
    I would only truly be foolish if I kept making the same mistake.

    Did I ever see something unusual?

    How sweet would I describe the strawberries?

    While I have also tried large strawberries, I have found size doesn’t equal sweetness. Both small and large strawberries can be sweet so the real experience is taking the first bite and discovering the flavour for ourselves. :)

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. Dear Mr. Mannell,

      Yes, they are more like strawapples than strawberries because they almost are the size of my hand! Berries are more like blueBERRIES, raspBERRIES, and blackBERRIES. They are about the size of your nail. Apples are much bigger. They are almost the size of your hand. :-)

      Yes, I would be foolish is I didn't learn from my mistake. Actually, I don't think I would have seen the seeds without the flash. Do you know about how much seeds are in a strawberry that you ate once?

      Wow! You sure have some unusual things in your post. My favorite picture is the one that has the fungi tree and the Tropic of Capricorn because they are both more unusual than the others. What are your favorite photos?


  2. Dear Heather,

    Those are unbelievably huge strawberries. My mouth is watering for some right now after reading your post. We went to the farmer's market yesterday and also bought a couple of baskets of strawberries. Sometimes, I make strawberry jam out of fresh strawberries. I cut up strawberries and add lots of sugar and let it simmer on the stove. It tastes great with toast or over yogurt.

    Keep up your great writing,


  3. Dear Heather,
    Amazing Strawberries! I live in Baldwin County, Alabama. This year one of our local towns, Loxley, held its 26th annual Strawberry Festival. I don't grow strawberries, but I do have a large, family garden. We will be planting pumpkins this month. If we have any unusual pumpkin pictures, I will send them your way. My kids favorite unusual pumpkin is called the peanut pumpkin. Here is a video link about them...
    I have taught school for 12 years. I am currently taking a college course called TE 405 Education and Technology. My professor recommended that we visit Mrs. Yollis's blog.
    I am truly inspired by your teacher and class.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Mrs. Barbara

  4. Dear Heather,

    What an amazing discovery!

    This post reminds me of two things. The first one is the post Bryce posted on the 365 Blog. Bryce's post was about a huge blueberry instead of a huge strawberry. If you want to see Bryce's post, here is the link:

    Bryce's Big Berry

    The second thing is that this same scenario happened to me in Europe. The only difference is that it happened to me with blackberries. Here is what happened:

    One day, I was eating blackberries from a bowl when I noticed that there were a couple of large blackberries. I quickly put these blackberries on a plate and took a picture of them. Then I rushed upstairs and alerted my parents. They rushed downstairs with my family, and suddenly noticed the blackberries. When we were done enduring the amazingness, I ate them. They tasted so fruity and juicy. I still remember the taste that they had to this day.

    Did you think that my story was somehow related to yours? If you think they are related, how are they related?