Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas

Photo by Echo

Guess what my Christmas present is? Here are some hints: It is big, long, and bouncy. This is a very helpful hint. READ ALL THE WORDS!

Photo by Aaron
 TA DA! A pogo! What did you think it was? My brother, Aaron, took this photo of me bouncing in mid air. What an action shot! Do you know how to start on a pogo stick? If you read the words, you will know how, but first give a guess. How do you do it? Well, here is how you do it:

 How you use a pogo stick

 First, you try to balance on the the thing you stand on. It might be hard at the beginning, but you will get better.

Second, when you get better, you try to bounce. Be sure to wear a HELMET!

Third, when you almost mastered bouncing, try to beat your high score. Do it like your are trying to beat your high score on a game.

Last, have fun!

 Do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?

What did you get for Christmas or Hanukkah? 


  1. Dear Heather,

    It sounds like you had a very fun Christmas. You look fantastic on the pogo stick. I have never tried a pogo stick, however it looks really fun. Was it hard to learn at first? Did you fall in the beginning?

    Have fun bouncing.


  2. Dear Heather,

    Congratulations on getting your own blog! What a wonderful way to spend a Christmas morning. I am sure you had a wonderful time bouncing on the pogo stick. I love to do that too!

    Aaron and I were in the same class in Mrs. Yollis class. Like you, I also earned a blog called Miriam Magical Moments. Here is the link:

    Your blogging buddy,

  3. Dear Heather,

    Congratulations on your new blog! I like your colorful background.

    I am glad you included safety equipment in your pogo stick directions. It is important to wear pads so you don't get hurt. When my daughter, Mara, was 7 years old, she got a pogo stick for Hanukkah. She liked to count how many bounces she could do in a row. I don't remember her highest number, but it was really high. She could bounce much better than I could.

    How many bounces can you do?

    Mrs. Minicozzi

  4. Dear Heather,

    I am going to draw a conclusion. You celebrate Christmas. The clues are: you had a Christmas hat on and the wrapping paper was cover with Santa. It is amazing to get a good picture when you are hopping. That is neat.

    What was your favorite present?



  5. Dear Heather,

    Your pogo stick sure looks fun! I wish that I had gotten a pogo stick for Christmas, but instead I got roller skates. I also got many other things but I do not want to name them right now. Sometimes I wonder what other people got for Christmas. Do you sometimes wonder what other people got for Christmas?


  6. Dear Heather,

    It is that time of year again! Yes, Christmas!

    I already typed out my Christmas list on Microsoft Word, and sent it out to anyone that is coming to my family's Christmas Party. One thing on my list is The Series of Unfortunate Events series. I have so many other things like: clothes, toys, art supplies, earrings, shoes, etc. What are some things that you want for Christmas?

    Your Christmas-loving friend,