Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Photo from Mrs. Yollis

In class, we are writing one of my teacher's, Mrs. Yollis, famous three sentence stories for Halloween! I have a book of Halloween stories right here:

Vincent the Vampire

Vincent the Vampire was flying to Wanda the Witch's house. When he got there, the mansion was filled with poison that made Vincent cough, choke, and he felt like he was going to die! Right when he was going to faint, Vincent remembered that he had a wand, and used it to cast a mask that provided fresh air for Vincent.

Zamba the Zombie

One spooky Halloween night, when all the children were trick-or-treating, Zamba decided to come out of her tombstone. Just remembered that she had a party, one child dared to come to the graveyard. Zamba and all of the other zombies were afraid of children so Zamba popped out of her tombstone and scared the child away!

George the Ghost

One day in October, George the Ghost wandered into the forest and started cursing the treesSuddenly, an invisible werewolf started to throw harmful poisons at George! He didn't know what to do when he broke through one of the potions and reflected another with one of his ghostly fists.

Shelly the Skeleton

Shelly the Skeleton was practicing archery when she heard a wave of blood was coming her way. She tried as hard as she can to shoot some shield arrows to block the blood, but the blood was coming way too fast for Shelly. Shelly backed up and tripped on a tombstone and out of nowhere, she quickly dug a hole in the dirt and buried herself undergrowth until the blood finished flowing.

Georgia the Ghoul 

One day, Georgia the Ghoul was inside the ice cream store that was not so popular. A kid came in and asked for a pumpkin flavored ice cream, but at that time, Georgia was sucking on some strawberry flavored ice cream with some blood syrup on top. The kid saw, and when the kid came up to ask her, she just said that it was cherry flavored syrup.

Jamba the Jack-O-Lantern

The day before Halloween, Jamba the Jack-O-Lantern grew to an adult in her pumpkin patch. The farmer saw, and yanked Jamba off of her vine and gave it to a child, but the child kicked, rolled, bit, and spit on poor Jamba. Jamba knew she had to speak up so she did all of those cruel actions to the child and that is when the child learned to never mess with a pumpkin.

Max the Mummy

Max the Mummy was happily sleeping in his cage when he heard a BOOM! Max woke up immediately and slipped out of his cage to see what was happening! He looked out of his house's window and saw a ender dragon forming in Max's backyard and before the ender dragon even had a chance to form, Max used a roll of toilet paper and wrapped up the former of the ender dragon.

Doomster the Devil

One freaky Halloween, Doomster the Devil was bored so he came from house to house, scouting for candy and trying to scare some people to death. When he came to the two hundred fifty-fifth house, the owner of the house was a devil too. Doomster knew that that one devil wouldn't be afraid of another devil, so Doomster hasty changed into a witch to scare the devil.

Willa the Witch

On every Halloween, Willa the Witch was extra greedy. One hair-raising Halloween night, Vincent the Vampire crept up on Willa and nearly scared her to death. Willa used her broomstick to swoop over and under Vincent, knocked him over, and that's what taught Vincent to never scare others when they have a power that you don't.

Sonny the Scarecrow

Sonny the Scarecrow was fiercely guarding the farm from crows when crows started to rain heavily from the sky. At the end of the crow-storm, Sonny was all covered up in crows. Sonny used a piece of hay from his hand and tickled the crows and one by one every crow flew away.

The Horrifying Halloween

One super spooky Halloween, Sonny the Scarecrow, Willa the Witch, Doomster the Devil, Max the Mummy, Jamba the Jack-O-Lantern, Georgia the Ghoul, Shelly the Skeleton, George the Ghost, Zamba the Zombie, and Vincent the Vampire gathered up in all one haunted house. They talked and talked, but the more they chatted, the less spooky the house became. Doomster quietly flew up the stairs and shouted "LOWER YOUR VOICE!" and all of the Halloween characters slowly lowered their voice until the house became haunted again.

*The End!*

Can you make up a famous three sentence story?

The first sentence shows the settings (maybe the problem). The second sentence has to have a problem. The last sentence has a solution to the problem.


  1. Dear Heather,

    Wow! That was a lot of stories, but in my opinion my favorite one was Vincent the Vampire. I especially liked when she did that spell.

    How many stories do you think you can write in one day?


  2. Echo (Heather's mom)November 7, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    Dear Heather,

    I really love these three-sentence stories that you wrote. I noticed that you had alliteration for each title of the stories.