Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My First Story on my Blog :: Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong!

My friend, Keira, and I are starting to make stories on our blogs. We didn't do this before because Keira just got her blog, Keira's Big Ideas.

Anyway, I got this idea from a great author who writes extremely funny books, and he is the author of Dogzilla, Kat Kong, and all of the Captain Underpants books. My idea wasn't from the Captain Underpants books, but they were from Dogzilla and Kat Kong. I didn't write this story with Keira, but I used one of her dogs so I thought I could mention her. This story represents my dog, Rocky, and one of Keira's three dogs, Cooper. I hope you enjoy my story:

Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong!

Chapter 1


Far away from Earth, there lived a place just for cats called Catopolis. They were some lovingly, polite cats having their annual Fish Cook-Off Olympics. The cats had just gone fishing in the best rivers, and tried to catch the yummiest fish. The professor, Lovingfish, was going to pick the winner and was looking forward to having a exceptional meal.

As the cats worked on their fish, they enjoyed a big crater which looked like the Olympics sign, with all five loops. Suddenly, the ground shook. Then the fishment on the ground cracked and split in half right in the middle of the Olympics sign. There came the most terrifying creatures, two canines named . . . 

The Superior Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong

Chapter 2

The Superior Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong

"Oh no!" wailed Lovingfish. "That special crater was the symbol for our Olympics! We can't build it by paw or else it won't be original!"

"We dogs are the most powerful pooches in the world," Rockyzilla bellowed. "No one and nothing can stop us from taking you precious resources."

"You better run before we destroy Catopolis," warned Cooper Kong. "You might as well just give up."

A resident of Catopolis named the Big Fish said, "Give our fish up? You better be kidding us. We spent ages searching for this fish."

Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong looked at each other and growled. They were now angry that the townscats wouldn't listen to them. As a real punishment, they stomped over to their supermarket and devoured up all of their merchandise - and the store as well. Both dogs scouted for bones - at the History Museum as well. 

"Let's get in our suits of fish and quickly use our claws to defeat this monstrous creature!" Captain Catless whispered his soldiers. With a solute, the obedient army marched over to the building where they stored all of the armor and weapons. Instead of using their claws like Captain Catless commanded, the army armed themselves with a tank and some swords to do all damage.

Chapter 3

Determined Doggies

"You two horrifying mutts must leave this relaxing town or else we will defeat you," ordered Tiger, who was the fiercest of all of the townscats in Catopolis. 

"And how will you do that?" Rockyzilla challenged Tiger. "We have all the power. Cats are clumsy and dogs are durable."

"Ha ha ha," Cooper Kong teased Captain Catless and his army. "How will you weaklings overpower us?"

Captain Catless realized how much trouble they were in, and he dashed into his office. Captain Catless asked, "Are you a pussycat or are you people?"

"Hmmmm. . . Your correct! We're pussycats! Let's go!" replied his troop.

Meanwhile the tomcats worked on their plans, Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong raced off deeper into the city and robbed all of the goods in the stores- and ate the buildings too.

The cats were afraid that Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong were going to ruin their city, so they came up with a plan. They put their heads together and this is what they came up with:

"Okay, Tiger, you try to chew one of those disgusting bones to distract the dogs," ordered Captain Catless. "Lovingfish, you give those dogs some pulls on their tails with fishclips! Those dogs detest the smell of those!"

Then a little kitten that is shy, clumsy, and lazy walked up to Catless. He whined, "Okay, okay. Why don't you stop blabbering about this weird plan and put the plan into action? I'd like to see the dogs get beat up!"

"Hmp!" grunted Catless. "Why don't you little 'smarty pants' leave us alone? We're trying to save Catopolis! Now go away!" The little kitten left and they went back to serious business.

"Back to our plan. Finally, we get to put this into action. Let's go!" he commanded.

Chapter 4

3... 2... 1... Action!

"Cooper! Cooper! Where are you?" questioned Rockyzilla. "There you are, Cooper Kong! I thought maybe we have done enough destroying. Let's go back to see what they are up to."

*    *    *    *    *

"I see them! I see them!" whispered Lovingfish excitedly.

"When I count to one, go into action, my pretties!" said Catless. "3... 2... 1... ACTION!"

Tiger sprang up and started "enjoying" the rock hard bone. Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong immediately got distracted. Suddenly, Tiger accidentally dropped the bone and ran! Even so, Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong started fighting over the bone. Lovingfish was frozen in her tracks for a moment, but as they started getting quieter and quieter, Lovingfish ran and grabbed their tails. The not cute canines bumped into the wall as they were fighting because they didn't want to smell the fishclip. Lovingfish kind of had a hard time getting their tails, but at last, she got them. Fishclips aren't so durable, so as the dogs felt the little pinch, the fishclips broke. After it did, everybody ran into the damaged main hall broken window to watch the fierce dogs sink down into the craters. When they did, they all paw-fived each other. :-D

Chapter 5

Rumble Rumble

After a while, they had their very second annual Fish Cook-Off Olympics. It had taken them a year to repair the whole town, but after a day passed after the final construction, it looked just like new, maybe even better than before.

"Finally we're over that mess!" said Tiger, relieved. "I hope we never have another disaster here!"

While they were preparing their fish, Catless heard a rumble. Then another. "Oh no!" wailed Captain Catless. "What is that under our new Olympic rings?"

After Captain Catless heard it, everybody did. Out of nowhere, some cute little puppies sprouted in the middle of the Olympic rings. They were the cutest thing that they had ever seen, but something made them look bad. There was a sly smile across every puppy, and each puppy either looked like Rockyzilla or Cooper Kong. Everybody was amazed because no one had thought of ....


*The End*

I hope you enjoyed my story. It is just like a change for Dav Pilkey's story. The one thing I don't understand is that in Dogzilla, the dog is chasing mice, not cats. Do dogs chase mice?

Here is a picture of Rockyzilla. I don't have a picture of Cooper Kong, but Keira does.

Can you come up with a story?

What is the setting, plot, and who are the main characters in your story?


  1. @ Heather,

    I do declare that is the cutest Dav Pilkey variation I have ever read! Well done, Heather! Like Dav, you used lots of alliteration and humor in your story, as well as your pets! I love that!

    I'm curious, do you write your stories right here in the comment section or do you type them in Word or on a Google Doc and then transfer the text?

    Heather, you have exceptional storytelling ability. I notice that you always have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The problem is introduced early and then you solve it in a clever way. Your high quality synonyms for said really elevate your stories.

    Can you give other students some tips about writing a story?

    Thanks for a great read!

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      I'm glad that you enjoyed my story because I took a lot of time on that! Do you also create stories with chapters? Did you know that this is my first story that included chapters?

      No, I do not transfer my posts from Word to Blogger. Do you know why? I don't do that because Blogger saves for you, so you don't have to be worried about loosing your post. When I type my comments, I put them in Word, save it, and then copy them onto the blog. Sometimes, I like listening to music in between the comments when I am taking a break. When I do that, I sometimes I accidentally X out my window and I loose my comment, so I be very cautious when I leave comments.

      Yes, I do have some tips for other student.

      1. When you are writing a valuable story, copy on your way.
      2. Before you type your story, plan it out on recycled paper.
      3. If you don't think that your story is going to be interesting, change it.
      4. Don't rush on your stories, take your time.
      5. Use lofty vocabulary!
      6. Don't use any words that are dull like said.
      7. Have voice. When a snake is talking, make it like thissssss.
      8. Don't always have narration. Make some of the characters talk.
      9. Make it entertaining so everyone would like to read it.
      10. Don't always publish so quickly, take some time to make it grand.

      I hope you liked my tips! Do you have any more tips for the people who are just starting to write stories?


  2. Dear Heather,

    I love your story! How did you and Keira come up with that story? I will write a story about my dog named Sunny.

    Once there was a dog named Sunny the Great. He was king of all the dogs. Once he was about to sign a document in The Great Book that would give him more land, when a cat spy broke in and stole The Great Book. When the cat was about to get away, Copper came in and caught the cat red pawed. Copper bestowed a medal to Sunny.

    Did you like my story?


  3. Dear Heather,

    I am The Great Aarna, with my sidekick Magnificent Miles! We want to over rule Catopolis! We are probably much more powerful than you!

    One warm spring night, Baby Aarna sneaked out of her parent's comfy bed and into the living room. Then she sat on the fine rocking chair and it creaked back and forth three times. Suddenly, she somersaulted right into a big trapdoor that led to Baby Miles house.

    Baby Miles was still asleep, but that didn't stop Baby Aarna. She kept on tapping on him until he woke up. Then MIles got two plates. Aarna asked for a box of seaweed, and Miles got himself a pop-tart. They munched messily on their breakfast.

    Miles told Aarna, "Aarna, shouldn't we have a plan before we leave?"


    We'll finish our comment later!

    Peter and Aashi