Monday, June 23, 2014

To: Mrs. Yollis - - - From: Heather


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Dear Mrs. Yollis,

Whenever I walk to school, I think of you. That’s because there’s a hole-ish dent-ish curve in the ground, and it’s kind of shaped in a heart. Obviously, I couldn’t take a pickaxe or a drill and mine it out! I don't have a photo of it since I don't bring cameras to school. I can’t mail this, and because you always read blogs, an idea popped into my mind. I thought, “Aha! I can’t mail this, but I do have a blog! What is there to waste when I have earned a blog?”

So, on this post, I just wanted to thank you for two years of educational learning. I can never thank you enough! You are the one who introduced me to the real world, taught me cyber safety, showed me how to type, shaped me into an at least okay student, gave me an opportunity to do something else than a boring old worksheet for homework, and also pushing me in a polite way to read more. Before, I would just holler out answers, never read, always write messy even if I could write neater, and never write.

By the way, congratulations on winning the Bammy Awards! Everybody is fond of you!

Your now former student,

✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  ✉  

Once again, thank you for your education! It'll really affect my life!

♥     ♥     ♥


  1. Dear Heather,

    You have really made me happy! This is such a well-written, thoughtful post and I appreciate your kind words. :-) :-) :-)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed having you as a student for the past two years. I wish we could be together again next year. Can you imagine how much we'd learn together! However, you must move on to fourth grade and I must stay in third grade. Let's get together for lunches once in a while!

    There are many reasons why I loved having you as a student. First, you have a curious nature. The best learners are the ones who wonder about things and then research and find the answers themselves or ask an adult who would know. You were always expanding the class' knowledge with your personal learning. Second, you are a fun loving person. I like how you brought humor to blogging through your blogging dog, Rocky. You really made him a member of our class! Joining in on spirit days also demonstrated your jovial personality. Finally, I admire the kindness your show toward your peers. You were always a person who would help someone who was confused about a lesson or needed a little bit of an explanation. The world is a better place when we treat each other with kindness. Remember how we talked about the Golden Rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated. As you can see, I deeply admire you, Heather, and feel fortunate to have been on the trail boss on the learning trail with you!

    When we come back in August, I'll lend you the iPad and you can capture an image of the heart. I'd loved to see it and have it for the 365.

    Have a lovely summer and keep on blogging!

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Yes, I'll come back when school starts, but all I need to know is what your class number is because sometimes, the numbers change. When I was in your class, it was always Room 12, and I hope it always is. That way, I'll know exactly where to go when I need help. :-D

      Before this summer vacation, I was basically always the last one out of the door when it was lunchtime, along with my friend, Keira. We were usually sharpening pencils, helping out, or just hanging out in there. I don't really know why I liked staying in so much, but I guess it was just the right temperature. I also like the classroom because when I won Family Blogging Month, I got a free post. I decided to write it with Keira and Shayna, one of my other classmates who won, and it was fair because everybody got a chance to do something. When I stayed in, people would always ask, "What are you guys doing inside?". We would answer, "We're having a luncheon!". People thought that was fun, so they would also come in. It was fun, and I am happy to move on to fourth grade, but I also am sad to leave third grade. On the other side, I am anxious and excited to find out who my forth grade teacher is...

      I see that you have a Step-Up-to-Writing paragraph. I'm going to do the same!

      Out of all of the teachers that I've had, something tells me that I like you the most. Firstly, I enjoy the humor you put into out lessons. Sometimes, you tell a joke, and other times you use on of our class mascots to act. Most of the times, we get out of control and laugh too loudly, and it would be back to serious work. Still, the lessons were fun and filled with pleasure. Next, you always encourage us to keep on writing by blogging. You might call it some kind of amusing way like, The Wonderful World of Blogging. If somebody is new to blogging and their first impression for blogging is dull and it feels like they want to yawn, they might not want to blog for their rest of their lives. For you... No. That never happens. You publish interesting post such as the cute Clem and the Runaway Rocky (That's my dog! You can see him in my avatar). You have over a million views on your class blog, and people from all around the world visit it. Last, you always give us a choice. As always, you make up names like on Wednesday, you would call it Webby Wednesday because you can either do a regular worksheet, or a "once in a lifetime" blogging experience. I do suggest this to other teachers (to make them as interesting as yours). And, on Tuesdays, you would call it Tech Tuesday. All of them alliterate, or have a catchy name, and whenever it would be the right date, people would always ask you, "Can we have Webby Wednesday?". Personally, I like Webby Wednesday better because Webby isn't a word, and for some reason, I just think it sounds better. Clearly, anyone would enjoy a person like you.

      What did you especially enjoy about the second grade and the third grade? Which year did you think was more suitable for you as a teacher?